About Us

My passion for pet

Hello and welcome to Dog and cat Care. My name is wasim and I love to pet. I have been around animals my more than 10 years. From spending many of my childhood days on my farm, to family dogs and cats while growing up, and then getting my own pets as I moved into adulthoods. I decided it was time to finally dive fully into something that truly brings me joy and that is why I decided to create Dog and cat Care.

Dog and cat care is a comprehensive online library where you’ll find information about pet, specially dog and cat health and training, as well as educational materials and interactive resources for people with pets and rescue workers. Plus, you’ll find helpful toolkits and much more. 

Live with dogs and cats. There is a cute and irreplaceable family. It gives great joy and moisture to our lives and makes us smile.

So what can we do for dogs and cats?

It is natural to love and cherish until the end. As a family who lives together every day, we also need correct knowledge.