Best 10 tips for new kitten owners

When you are the new kitten owners, you only want the best for your child’s fur.How can you welcome your home as much as possible when everything is new to you and your kitten? What can you do to help your cat feel safe, healthy and happy? The checklist for new kitten owners should include a cat scratcher, additional toilets, and plenty of play time.Here are 10 great tips that every new kitten owners should know.

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tips fo new kitten owners
tips fo new kitten owners

Best tips for new kitten owners

Help your cat to be safe and secure

Your kitten will be a little shy at first, so try to welcome your home as much as possible.It is perfectly normal for your cat to become nervous and hide from you.Cats generally don’t like change, and you may take some time to get used to all the new scents and sounds in your home.You can help by giving your cat her own room or a place where she can retreat and feel safe.Place a comfortable bed there so you can snuggle up .Some cats may prefer a closed bed that allows them to hide when they are tired .Also, put two dog mint toys and a soft blanket inside.

Install a comfort zone diffuser throughout the house . Ideally, plug one into the outlet in each room where your cat spends most of his time.These diffusers emit drugs that mimic the pheromones emitted by cats and odorless vapors , signaling that the area is safe and secure.It’s like sending a signal in the kitten language to improve the cat’s mental health.When your cat feels safe, she is less likely to experience stress such as scratches and sprays. For households with multiple cats, try the Comfort Zone Multicat Diffuser.You can also choose a comfort zone calm color with BreakAway safety features.

Visit the veterinarian

Find the best veterinarian for your kitten, schedule an appointment to check her, and make sure her vaccinations are up to date.Also consider getting an electronic chip for him.Keep your microchip number and new cat photo on your cell phone in case it escapes. New kitten owners should care about veterinarian visit.

Slowly introduce the kitten to other pets

When you bring your new kitten home, slowly introduce it to other pets, such as dogs.Place the new kitten in another room and feed the pet on both sides of the closed door. Place each pet’s blanket in another pet’s room and switch rooms from time to time to get used to each other’s scents.Eventually, you go out to feed them on either side of the closed gate and then try to make a monitored visit.Look at their body language at every step of the way so that you can separate them if needed.

Try different types of trash cans and trash cans

It is usually advisable to have one and an additional litter box for each cat.One kitten can make a little territory around the toilet, so make sure you have enough space for your new kitten.You can also try different styles of trash cans and trash cans.Keep the trash can away from busy areas and loud noises. Remember to clean the cat litter box daily and thoroughly once a week.

High quality food and keep kitten away from dangerous things

New kitten owners should care food from beginning. Cats are fed high quality food. AvoDerm Wet and Dry Cat Food, a great place to get started. You will find many flavors to choose from.Avoid human food that  is toxic to kitten and store only foliage plants that are safe for kitten.Cats are really good at getting into everything, so keep everything that could harm your baby’s fur, such as cleaning supplies.

Be creative with food and water bowls

If you have a dog, you should know that they sometimes prefer to eat kitten food.Consider using a window-mounted food bowl for your cat.You can keep the height out of reach of your dog.

kitten tend to drink less water than they actually need.Install water containers in different parts of your home and consider using filtered containers.Some kitten prefer to drink running water, so you can also try a fountain bowl. It tastes better for them because it is more oxygen and they can hear it running to let them know that it is fresher.

Create an attractive indoor environment

New kitten owners should creat attractive indoor environment.kitten tend to be safe when they are indoors, but they can also be boring. Create an attractive indoor environment for your new kitten.Set flats and kitten trees   so your cat can climb . Open the shade and install windows to provide a small “cat TV” that cats can watch outside. Place the bird feeder outside the window for additional fun.Get lots of toys for cats to play with (some with catnip), such as interactive toys.You can get away when you are not nearby.

Prepare a kitten scratcher

New kitten owners should prepare a stretche. Cats need to get rid of the dead outer layer of their claws, stretch and scratch to help mark the territory.Rubbing is also a way to show happiness and relieve stress. If you don’t scratch, your kitten will rely on your carpet and furniture.

It is better to provide more kitten scratches than not enough. Place the scratcher in another room where your cat likes to spend time.Some cats use only one type, so consider trying both vertical and horizontal scratchers .

Have a little fun outdoors

Even those who are not good at getting cats out can enjoy a safe outdoor adventure together.Set up a closed outdoor space for cats to play, such as cats hanging on the ground or cat tents.You can also put your kitten in a safety harness and use a leash to take it outside for a walk in the backyard. New kitten owners should be free to them.

Your kitten first needs to get used to the inner harness.The tummy will “crawl” a little on the floor before getting used to the belt, and some may not move at all for a few minutes while they are accustomed to feeling it.But most people will learn to love it over time, especially after realizing that wearing a belt means they go out.

Play with kitten

It is advice to new kitten owners to spend enough time playing with your new kitten. This keeps her brain involved and helps her develop good social skills.She asks her to chase the feather sticks around her house or hold her treat in her hand and encourage her cat to chase her corridor up and down.Clicker training is another great way to build relationships with cats and keep them challenging.Introducing a new fur baby into your life is one of the greatest joys of having a pet. New kitten owners should follow these 10 tips to create the perfect environment for a happy and healthy cat home.

Summary Best tips for new kitten owners

Humans cannot force animals to like each other, but they can encourage appropriate behavior and respect for living together peacefully. To keep your kitten stress-free before you bring your new kitten home and while they’re learning to live together, it’s important to always pay attention to the needs of all animals in your home. Hope article helps new kitten owners.

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