Shrimp for dog | 4 Important precautions while feeding

Shrimp for dog, Good or bad?

It’s good to feed Shrimp for dog, but be careful.There are products that contain shrimp in dog treats and furikake, but is it really okay to feed shrimp for dog?The bottom line is that “raw shrimp” should never be fed to dogs, but heated shrimp can be fed.Shrimp crackers, sakura shrimp sprinkles, dried shrimp, etc. … Read more

Dog keep eating grass | Important 3 reasons and remedies

dog keep eating grass

Dog keep eating grass for a variety of reasons. Dog keep eating grass  lead to case of illness, cause vomiting and use it as a source of entertainment. When do you need to worry if your dog keep eating grass? Here is a detailed example of how this behavior should be stopped immediately for the safety of the dog. Why … Read more

Dog sleep deprivation explaination

Dog sleep deprivation

Lets understand Dog sleep deprivation and care. Dogs spend most of their day sleeping, depending on their personality and breed. It’s better to prepare the sleeping environment! Dogs are said to be animals that sleep relatively long. The average sleep time for humans is about 8 hours, but for dogs it is much longer, and … Read more