Important 5 tips to reduce the environmental impact of pets

We can reduce environmental impact of pets with 5 steps. Today we are more aware of the impact we generate on the environment, as we realized that, no matter how small and harmless they may seem, each of our day-to-day activities can harm our environment. In this way, many people have taken various actions in favor of nature by changing their consumption habits and this extends to those around them, including pets; Well, caring for and respecting them also includes protecting the environment.Simply by being more mindful with the small choices we make, we can make a positive impact on wildlife and the environment in general. We can reduce environmental impact of pets with some measures.

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environmental impact of pets
environmental impact of pets

5 Steps to reduce environmental impact of pets

Below, we share some tips for being a dog or cat owner in a more ecological way, since there are certain actions that we carry out with our pets that may be contributing to polluting our planet. Know 5 ways to reduce the environmental footprint of your pets.

1.Recycle your pet food packaging

It’s easy to think of going to the supermarket and using a cloth bag instead of a single-use plastic bag, or reusing a water bottle to use as a planter, but how do you recycle pet food packaging? Fortunately, there are many people making different efforts to create products ready to be recycled and some others doing the work of collecting and treating containers to give them a second use.At Purina we keep this in mind, since 85% of our current packaging is designed to be recyclable and we also have processes that seek sustainability. Considering these small things we can reduce environmental impact of pets.

2.Reuse household items to create pet toys

Another way to reduce environmental impact of pets is to use household items that have already served their intended purpose, but may still be useful for another function, such as becoming a new toy for your pet. From putting together boxes, rolls and cardboard paper to create a new play area for your cat, to transforming the clothes you no longer wear into a strong bond to play tug-of-war with your dog. The materials will always be available in your home, all you need is a little imagination, skill and the desire to have fun with your best friends.

3.Use products that are kind to the environment

To reduce environmental impact of pets, try to use environmental friendly products. Like a biodegradable soap for humans, it is also important to consider that the products we use for the care and hygiene of our pets are potentially beneficial for the environment. For this reason, we must review in detail the components of everything we acquire and know the effects that they could cause to the environment.

4.Prevent contamination from pet waste

The feces of dogs and cats can cause more damage than we imagine. In the case of dogs, if they are left exposed to the elements, they can generate bacteria that harm not only other dogs, but also humans. In addition, if the rains carry these wastes to rivers, lakes and seas, they can increase its level of contamination.

With cats, you should prefer to use sand that is friendly to the environment and avoid flushing waste down the toilet.For both cases, there are composting options or septic tanks to have at home, they can even be found in some public parks, but you must have the necessary products and knowledge to carry out this activity properly and not obtain counterproductive results. By considering pet waste and disposing it we can reduce environmental impact of pets.

5.Adopt, don’t buy!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, if you are thinking of getting a new pet and you are a person who cares about the environment, the best thing you can do is go through adoption. This helps reduce the overpopulation of animals living on the streets which, due to their condition, generate a greater impact on the environment. So, by giving a family to a dog or cat that does not have one, you will be giving them a new opportunity to share their happiness now by your side and within the environment with actions and care in favor of balance with nature. 

Having a pet is a great responsibility, but taking care of the planet is too, so, as a dog or cat owner, you now know that you can take greater action to take care of our environment and we can all enjoy a healthier space and enjoyable longer.

Thus finally we can reduce environmental impact of pets with small actions.

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