Shrimp for dog | 4 Important precautions while feeding

It’s good to feed Shrimp for dog, but be careful.There are products that contain shrimp in dog treats and furikake, but is it really okay to feed shrimp for dog?The bottom line is that “raw shrimp” should never be fed to dogs, but heated shrimp can be fed.Shrimp crackers, sakura shrimp sprinkles, dried shrimp, etc. sold for dogs are heated or dried, so it is okay if you eat a small amount occasionally.

Shrimp for dog, Good or bad?
Shrimp for dog, Good or bad?

Shrimp for dog, Good or bad?

Keep in mind that shrimp is one of the foods that you shouldn’t actively feed, as long as you can feed them.This time, I will tell you why you should not feed raw shrimp to dogs and what you should be careful about when feeding shrimp for dogs.When a dog eats raw shrimp, it has a bad effect on the bodyDogs should not be fed raw shrimp, even if they are sweet shrimp that can be eaten raw.

Raw shrimp enzyme for vitamin B1 deficiency

The biggest reason why dogs should not feed raw shrimp is the presence of an enzyme called “thiaminase”. So not recommended raw shrimp for dog.

Thiaminase destroys vitamin B1, so frequent feeding of dogs can lead to poor energy production and poor neurotransmission.As a result, not only can they cause the following vitamin B1 deficiencies, but they can also be life-threatening.

  • Wobble
  • Convulsions
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle weakness
  • Visual impairment
  • Beriberi

Bamboo shoots are foods with strong lye

Bamboo shoots become stronger as time passes after they are dug. Except for those that have just been dug for bamboo shoot hunting, you must remove the lye before you can eat it.It is important to note that dogs may have diarrhea if they eat foods with strong lye such as konjac and bamboo shoots.

Indigestion causes vomiting and diarrhea

Thiaminase contained in raw shrimp is destroyed when heated, but crustaceans such as shrimp, squid, and crab are still poorly digestible foods in the first place.Even if it is a cooked shrimp, dried cherry shrimp, or a snack containing shrimp, if a dog eats a large amount of it, symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite may occur.If your dog steals the owner’s eyes and eats a lot of shrimp, consult a veterinary clinic rather than letting them vomit yourself.

Shrimp for dog can cause allergies

Shrimp contains a protein called “tropomyosin“. It is a component that is relatively hard to break, although it decreases slightly when heated.Frequent feeding of shrimp to dogs can become an allergen and cause itching, hair loss and other allergic symptoms.Be aware that you may suddenly develop a shrimp allergy one day while you are topping your dog food with a sprinkle of shrimp every day.

Precautions when feeding shrimp for dog

Keep a small amount of heated shrimp

Basically, if you are a dog who eats dog food well, you do not need to dare to feed shrimp.If you really want to eat it, be sure to heat it.It is also important to note that the amount is small and that it is not eaten frequently. So use Initially small amount of shrimp for dog.

Remove shrimp heads and shells

Shrimp can not be a source of protein for dogs.You can use it to make soup stock with your dog’s homemade rice, or you can chop the boiled and softened dried shrimp and feed it, but do not give it every day.Also, when feeding whole shrimp such as heated black tigers and dried shrimp, if you do not remove the head, jagged horns, whiskers, legs, shells, and tail, you will have indigestion or sting in your mouth. Be careful as feeding shrimp for dog.

Check the ingredients for snacks with shrimp

Shrimp crackers and shrimp cookies are also sold as calcium supplement snacks for dogs, but there are also products that contain shrimp shells, salt, and ingredients other than shrimp.Be sure to check the ingredients and see what your dog is doing, such as whether you have diarrhea or vomiting after feeding, or if you have any allergic symptoms.

To prevent allergies

Like humans, dogs can react to shrimp proteins and become allergic to food.For light dogs such as ultra-small dogs, it is necessary to adjust the amount of shrimp given. Be aware that you may overdose without your knowledge and develop allergies in a short period of time.In particular, do not feed shrimp to dogs with atopy or any allergies.

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