How to make your cat stress free | 8 important tips

How to make your cat stress free? Even when celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other special occasions, with careful preparation, your home can be a happy place for cats during their vacation. These eight tips will help you make sure your cat stree free

Stress free cat
stress free cat

8 ways to keep your cat stress free

Style cat decorations and holiday trees

Start with a Christmas tree and your holiday decoration. Particular care should be taken when protecting trees from cats  , as fake snow, tree water, some holiday plants, and even decorations can be dangerous to cats .One of the easiest solutions to prevent a tree from falling is to mount the tree on a wall and make sure it is on a solid foundation.

To prevent the decoration from breaking, hang the most attractive and fragile decorations on the tree out of the reach of cats. Cats can climb, so it’s a good idea to use unbreakable ornaments on the tree, store the more fragile ornaments, and display them somewhere in the cat’s box. Try hanging it with a leash instead of a hook that can hurt your cat, using plastic or shatterproof decorations.

Avoid decorating trees with tinsel, as cats can become infected when eaten. Instead, try decorations made of felt, paper, or wood. You can also spray around the trees with scents that cats don’t like, such as citrus fruits and apple cider vinegar. Do not leave wires or cords exposed where the cat may bite. Also, be sure to turn off the light when you leave.

If you have a living tree, cover the water tank with a wooden skirt to prevent the cat from drinking water. Even if you don’t use chemical additives in the water, wood debris that gets into the water can make your cat sick. Keep pine needles away from cats. Genuine pine needles are not only toxic, but can also cause obstructions that may require surgery. For this reason, consider using artificial trees instead.

If your cat, whether real or artificial, tends to eat sharp things, we recommend using a Christmas tree alternative. You can have a cute green cat tree in the shape of a holiday tree. Or use another type of tree, mostly branches, and decorate your cat with safe and fragile ornaments. 

Pay close attention to holiday plants and avoid plants that are toxic or toxic to cats, such as poinsettia, holly, and mistletoe . There is no guarantee as to all the creative ways cats can get themselves into trouble, so the best option is not to leave them alone with their holiday decorations in the first place.

Focus on introducing peaceful guests

When guests are at your home to celebrate, let your cat decide if she wants to interact with them. Your cat may be threatened and frightened when guests approach your cat or try to keep a pet. Let your cat set the pace of guest interaction. In other words, it will be a condition for your cat.

Use a soothing diffuser to help your cat relax

Cats use pheromones   to make them feel safe and calm. Managing your cat’s stress through all the changes in your vacation home is much easier when you can imitate those calm pheromones . Instead of worrying about guests from the front door and new decorations, cats can rest assured.

The comfort zone  diffuser mimics the cat’s natural pheromones,  demonstrating that everything is safe and secure. It can help your cat enjoy holidays and interesting activities that will temporarily become part of her life. Plug it in a few days before the changes start (decoration, party, etc.) and start working.

Create a safe space to escape from everything

To keep your stress levels low, look at all the new activities around your home and create a place where your cat feels comfortable and protected. Consider using a cat tree, a canopy cat bed   under the table , or a pop-up cat tent to create a sense of security while looking at the world. Spray a soothing pheromone   on your cat’s bed or pop-up cat’s tent to create a place for her to relax.

If you have a cat, a warm bed with pillows that vibrates like a heartbeat   will help calm the cat.Some cats may prefer to stay in one place (such as a bedroom) with the door closed. This space should contain all the necessary items (food, water, toilets, toys  , rest areas) and should be   a place to retreat when the holiday excitement is too great.

Promote self-confidence building activities

One of the best ways to give your cat confidence and stress relief during vacation is to play with it with a toy stick to operate. Your cat is most confident and afraid when hunting toys, or in this case predating.  Moving games can be   much more appealing to cat paws and chase than a “sleeping” plush mouse on the floor.Cats feel more confident the higher they retreat, so consider   building cat shelves, window seats  , cat trees, and   apartments.

As an additional bonus, suitable cat toys and trees can distract your cat from holiday decorations and Christmas trees. If you give your cat a special dwelling that your cat can only use during vacation, she may lose interest in your tree.

Providing activities to relieve mental tension

Incorporate food puzzles into your cat’s dry food and treat your regimen to provide your cat with the coveted mental activity that many domestic cats lack. The cat’s instinct is to work for their food. Providing this outlet for your cat’s environment is a very effective way to relieve stress during your vacation. Throughout the rest of the year, food puzzles will also help support ongoing physical and emotional health.

A little special attention can be very helpful

Taking care of, caressing, and spending extra time on your cat can help increase your cat’s self-confidence and reduce stress, even if the gift wrapping interval is only a few minutes. As long as your cat enjoys this activity, it can help your cat not only reduce stress, but also feel more closely associated with you. Your cat loves you  , and the longer you spend together, the better you feel.

Predictability is important

Cats are accustomed to everyday life and can cause stress if there is any change in the expected schedule. This is especially true for cats that feed at specific times of the day. If you’re late for your holiday shopping and can’t give your cat a regular dinner on time, use a temporary feeder to distribute the food when the cat expects it.

Timed feed is available in both dry and canned food types. Try to keep a different routine, whether you’re playing games all the time or snuggling up on the couch at night.When the festival is over and guests say goodbye, don’t forget to stroke the cat and enjoy the magical holiday moments together. Holidays are for everyone, including your furry baby.

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