Learn 3 best exercise for dog

Dog owners should know some basic best exercise for dog. Dog may be your biggest motivation to make exercise a habit, as dogs need to exercise and go outside regularly. It is not just a matter of hygiene and grooming, it is also a way for your four-legged friend to explore, socialize and strengthen his relationship with you. With adequate physical activity, you will be calmer, sleep better, and will not develop anxious behaviors.

best exercise for dog
best exercise for dog

Factors considering while selecting best exercise for dog

For considering best exercise for dog, study some factors first. First of all, start by distributing different activities throughout the week to prevent the days from being monotonous and your dog losing interest. Dogs need to be physically fit and require activities that allow them to express their motivation to run, sniff or dig.Secondly, factors such as age, physical complexion and tastes must be taken into account when choosing which physical activity to perform: 

Consider age while selecting best exercise for dog

The activities that are carried out with a puppy are not the same that we could do with an adult or older dog. Avoid jumps and sudden movements with the little ones until they complete their physical development and opt for softer activities such as swimming, walks and sniffing exercises for the older ones.

Consider physical structure to select best exercise for dog

There are small dogs, large dogs, dogs with flat noses, dogs with short legs and long backs, that is, there is a huge variety of physical structures among dogs and each one has its limitations.Therefore, the activities should be adjusted to the type of dog you have. Large dogs naturally carry more weight, so pay attention to their joints. Flat-nosed dogs, such as Bulldogs, cannot breathe well and therefore we should avoid activities that require a high respiratory effort and have little recovery time. Dogs with short legs and long backs, such as TekkelConsidering dog body structure, can implement some best exercise for dog.

Consider temperature to select best exercise for dog

Activities should vary depending on the temperature. Swimming can be an interesting option when the temperature is very high, as it helps the dog to cool off, while running or cycling are more suitable exercises when it is cold. 

physical exercise for dogs

Suggestions and different best exercise for dog  that you can put into practice:

Walking is best exercise for dog

Aside from daily walks, going to a park or the beach is always a good idea. They are open environments that allow you to get out of the routine. Your dog will be able to play more freely and socialize more naturally. In the city, look for the best places to walk and, if you can, opt for open spaces. 

Running or cycling is another best exercise for dog

Before you start running with your dog, make sure you can walk together. If your dog pulls too hard on the leash, your rhythm and balance can be affected. Make sure you keep a good hold on the leash as they are usually faster than us.If you run or bike, consider purchasing a harness. Your dog will be much more comfortable, as a collar can bother him when his breathing speeds up.

Play ball or tug of war

Although it seems obvious, these games are key to the mental and behavioral health of the dog. Dogs love to play with a ball or rope, which are great games, but don’t just focus on these activities. Do different things with your four-legged friend and whenever you play ball or pull the rope, do it in a controlled way, with rules that combine play and obedience. Adapt your creativity to the characteristics of your dog, its breed, its age and its personality.

Some advices regarding physical exercise for dogs

  • Don’t force him. The animal must have the option not to carry out the activity if it does not feel like it.
  • Don’t push him too hard. The dog must be able to stop, breathe and rest whenever he wants during the activity.
  • Train your dog and gradually increase the intensity and duration of training. It will improve your endurance and fitness.
  • Preheating is very important.
  • Regular activity helps prevent injuries and stiffness, and promotes fitness.
  • Don’t wait until your dog is exhausted to finish the activity.
  • Give him time between activities to recover, you can always give him a massage to relax his muscles.
  • Choose activities that your dog likes.
  • Always choose comfortable and appropriate equipment for the activity.

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