Puppy care in winter walks | 3 Important precautions

Puppy care in winter walk is important for puppy health. To keep winters healthy and safe for your dog, we recommend taking some general precautions. Start with a visit to your veterinarian for a winter check-up and check for any existing health issues.Before the winter cold really hits, we recommend taking a few general precautions to make winter healthy and safe for your beloved dog. Start with a visit to your veterinarian for a winter check-up and check for any existing health issues.

In fact, proper grooming is also important for staying healthy during winter. Heavy, matte coats do not adequately protect the skin underneath your dog’s fur from extreme cold temperatures. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, check his ears and paws regularly to prevent frostbite. Keeping the soles of your feet trimmed during winter is important to minimize ice build-up between your toes.

puppy care in winter walk
puppy care in winter walk

Measures against puppy care in winter walk

Unlike humans, puppies are covered with fur all over their bodies, but they are not necessarily cold-tolerant. Dog clothes and heaters are lined up in pet shops as a matter of course, but when do you need them? Learn more about how to protect your puppy from the cold.

Puppies are kept outdoors, and when it snows in winter, they are happy to play like children. There may be such an image, but that was a long time ago. Nowadays, puppies are generally kept indoors, and whether or not they can enjoy the snow depends on the dog.

Puppy care is winter outdoor activities

We humans may find it more comfortable to be on a sofa and a cozy futon during the winter months than to be outside. However, maintaining a good exercise routine is important to prevent your dog from gaining weight and to minimize the risk of stress, lethargy and lack of stimulation. If you don’t release the energy with the right amount of exercise, especially in puppies, you may develop problem behaviors such as whining, barking excessively, burrowing, chewing, biting, or playing rough. may take. Puppy care in winter walks with precautions is important.

Instead of going to the park or walking on nature trails, make outdoor activities fun and exciting by letting them play for a while in your backyard. Even a different walking route will activate your dog’s senses by exposing him to new visual stimuli and smells. You can create new activities for them to play in the backyard, such as building an obstacle course or introducing new toys. The key is to keep your dog active during the cold period.

Feed according to activity level and size

Feeding is important for puppy care in winter.general, puppies and young dogs burn more calories and therefore need more energy. Choose a diet that contains high-quality proteins and fats to meet the energy needs of your puppy or young dog. Older, less active dogs have lower energy requirements and should be fed according to their needs.When compared by weight, small dogs need more energy from their diet each day than larger dogs. Please note that certain foods may be required depending on health, activity level and age.Regardless of size, breed or age, dogs instinctively consume more calories in the winter just like humans, so regular exercise is important.

Puppy care in winter walk with providing thick coats to keep them warm in cold weather

It may be better to take measures against the cold with the best. Choose clothes made from water-repellent materials that are close-fitting but still allow warm air to circulate between the fabric.In winter, keep an eye on your dog to make sure it doesn’t get cold. Signs of coldness include shivering, crouching, repeated leg lifts, and constant attempts to return to the room. A good rule of thumb is to assume that if the temperature is too cold for you, your pet may be cold too. Prosecution and measures should be there for puppy care in winter walk.

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