Important 10 symptoms of a sick kitten to care

For better health of your kitten, learn some basic symptoms of a sick kitten. We want your cat to have the best quality of life, that’s why we tell you what you should look for to find out if your cat is experiencing a health problem.Prevention will always be the best measure to take care of your cat’s health, as some health problems can be avoided by having your cat checked every 6-12 months, especially when they are over 8 years old.Here we will discuss symptoms of a sick cat.

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symptoms of a sick kitten
symptoms of a sick kitten

Symptoms of a sick kitten

It is need to identify earlier the symptoms of a sick kitten. When living with a cat, it is very important to be aware of the illnesses that cats are susceptible to. This time, we will introduce the diseases that cats are susceptible to. In the unlikely event that your cat gets sick, make sure you know what measures and treatments you can take. Below find the symptoms of a sick kitten.

Changes in your cat’s appetite

If your cat eats less and you notice that this is accompanied by lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss or other signs,it is likely that he has an illness. But, a sudden increased appetite can also be an indicator of increased thyroid activity, diabetes, or intestinal problems.Cats are animals of habits and routines, and this applies to their meals, at the slightest change you notice, it is important to identify it, and if this continues, go to the vet to rule out any doubts.

Vomiting and dizziness in your cat

Vomating and dizziness also symptoms of a sick kitten. It is normal for your cat to expel hairballs, but if this continues on a regular basis and increases, it will be necessary to take her to the doctor for a check-up. Also, if your cat starts vomiting food or blood, it can be a sign and symptom of intestinal, kidney or liver problems.It is very important that you do not wait and do something about it, the faster the problem is identified, the faster it will be solved.

Trouble relieving yourself

It is important to inspect or check your cat’s feces, this to be able to identify if it has diarrhea, if its stools are black or contain blood or mucous. Each of these signs are alarming and are symptoms that something is wrong with your cat.

Excessive weight gain in your cat

By the time your cat begins to gain extra weight and you start to notice signs like losing sight of her ribs or even losing her hourglass shape, it’s time to evaluate her eating habits.If your cat begins to gain weight in a short time, it can become an overweight cat, this could cause physical problems and even diabetes, cardiovascular problems, among others. 

Increased amount of drinking and amount of urine

As in humans, it is normal to drink water, however, everything in excess is a danger to our health, and obviously, to our pets.If your cat starts drinking more water than usual and goes to the bathroom constantly, it could be a sign of an infection or even kidney failure.

Your cat’s fur and skin

Scratching or excessive grooming, skin scabbing or hair loss are symptoms of a sick kitten that relating skin disease. If you notice any brown discharge or redness in your cat’s ears, notify your vet.

Your cat’s mouth and gums

It is very important to check your cat, dental health is also an important factor in its health, if your cat has redness in the mouth or around it, inflammation of the gums or bad breath, it could suffer from oral disease.

Your cat’s breathing

If you notice that your cat is panting, having trouble breathing, breathing very fast, coughing or making noise when breathing, these are possible symptoms of a sick kitten related to serious respiratory problems that should be treated urgently.

Eyes of your cat

If he blinks excessively or has redness around his eyes, visit the vet because these could be signs of an underlying health problem.

Your cat’s bones and joints

If you are slow to get up or lie down, if you don’t jump as high as you usually do, or if you have trouble going up and down stairs, theses are symptoms of a sick kitten with joint problem. The weather can also be a factor in your cat getting sick.

How to know if your cat is sick? When noticing any suspicion with any of the symptoms mentioned here, it is important to notify the veterinarian to take actions in time to avoid or solve any affectation.

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