How to calm cat scared of lightning | Important 4 care tips

When a cat scared of lightning, it not only trembles and escapes, but can also cause stress-induced vomiting, diarrhea, and sometimes hyperventilation. For cats with astraphobia, it is necessary to take measures according to the level of fear, and if you know the cause etc., you may find a measure that suits your cat. This time, Here will introduce the reasons why cat scared of lightning and how to deal with it.

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Cat scared of lightning
cat scared of lightning

Not just the sound cat scared of lightning

There are individual differences, but I think that there are many cats that jump and run away when the loud thunder sounds. Cats are often thought to be surprised by the sound of thunder, but in reality there are many factors that can surprise them.It is important for the owner to carefully observe his cat and remove any anxiety factors, as different cats have different fears.

  • Possible factors
  • Big thunder
  • Lightning light
  • Discomfort due to static electricity
  • Change in barometric pressure

Mostly cat scared of lightning, and they can accidentally leave the house. Even if your cat panics, be sure to lock the door tightly so that you don’t escape, and always wear a lost card just in case.

What is cat astraphobia or thunder phobia?

Astraphobia is a condition in which a cat reacts abnormally to fear due to the occurrence of lightning . The degree of fear response varies from individual to individual, and the symptoms vary. A cat with astraphobia leads to a promotion of the cat’s fear reaction. Understand thunder phobia and respond to your cat. Cat scared of lightning is natural thing. So we need to understand astraphobia symptoms.

Symptoms of astraphobia

Symptoms of astraphobia vary from cat to cat. Depending on the severity of the symptom, there is a limit to individual measures, so consult a veterinary clinic. Symptoms of astraphobia include the following reactions:

  • Panic
  • I’m scared and my ears hang down
  • Cry, growl
  • Shivering in small steps
  • Do not put your mouth in rice or water
  • hide
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Escape, destructive behavior
  • Sharpen your nails
  • Become aggressive
  • Shock death in the worst case

Cats often hide and may be difficult for their owners to notice their symptoms. Observe carefully.

How to calm a cat scared of lightning

It is necessary to calm cat scared of lightning. Determine if you can handle it individually. First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the fear of the cat can be dealt with individually . Some cats don’t seem to hear you no matter how much you call them while the thunder is thundering. If your fear develops into vomiting or hyperventilation, it is recommended that you consult a veterinarian (especially the behavioral department). Lets discuss some remedies for cat scared of lightning.

Create a place where you can rest assured

When cat scared of lightning, it is a good idea to create an environment where the cat can escape freely so that he or she can feel at ease. Cats can hide themselves with peace of mind by devising ways such as putting a blanket on the gap between the owner’s bed and the cage that they usually use.


When thunder strikes and the cat escapes into the cage, do not close the door and be ready to move.If the doors are closed and your actions are restricted, you may even panic.

The owner is calm

Cats are very sensitive to their owners. If the owner is afraid of thunder, he may be more afraid, saying, “It’s scary after all!”. On the other hand, desperately hugging or biting to reassure you will make you think “It’s different from usual!”, So the owner should be as calm and gentle as possible .

Use ferriway spray

Feriway is a pheromone preparation for cats sold by Virbac. Of course, there are individual differences, but some cats may be calm by this.

How to overcome and alleviate the fear of thunder in cats

Systematic desensitization and reverse conditioning

Behavioral therapies commonly used for dog training include “systematic desensitization” and “reverse conditioning.” We aim to overcome our weaknesses little by little by combining the two therapies.Systematic desensitization is a method of gradually acclimatizing cats by giving them something they are not good at with minimal stimulation. When systematic desensitization is performed on a cat that is not good at lightning, the sound of lightning can be made small and the volume can be increased little by little.

Reverse conditioning

Reverse conditioning is a way to get rid of your weaknesses by doing what your cat is happy about when something you don’t like is happening. The image of thunder changes when you teach that something happy happens, such as getting a snack or playing with toys while the thunder is ringing. Systematic desensitization and reverse conditioning can be effective at the same time .

For example, if you are a cat who is not good at the sound of thunder, you can mute the sound of thunder on a CD to give a snack or gently stroke it. By repeating it while increasing the volume little by little, the reaction of lightning will change. However, this is only an image of the sound of thunder, so it is not effective if the main cause is discomfort due to changes in static electricity or atmospheric pressure.

Pharmaceutical affairs therapy

You may have symptoms that cannot improve your fear with the measures that the owner can take. In such cases , consult your veterinarian for advice. It is important to determine if training can improve or if medications should help alleviate anxiety. If you actually have severe astraphobia, even if the owner calls out to you, it will not be effective, so considering the risk of vomiting, diarrhea, and shock death, pharmaceutical therapy is an effective measure.It is important to create an environment where cats can feel safe even with lightning. There are many reasons why cat scared of lightning.

Some cats become astraphobic

If your cat is afraid of lightning, create a place where you can rest assured. Talk to your veterinarian if you can’t handle it individually. Naturally cat scared of lightning. The behavior of fear and anxiety also depends on the cat, and it is necessary to try and error appropriate measures. Please take proper measures and live a happy life with your cat!

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