Cats don’t like water | Read 3 basic reasons

Why cats do not like water?

Lets understand the reason behind why cats don’t like water? Cats are famous for hating water. And rarely is a cat needed to be bathed. But have you ever wondered why cats don’t like water? There are behavioral and biological reasons behind this phenomenon.However, the first thing to note is that not all cats hate cats. Yes, you heard right.

There are some breeds of cats that are known for their affinity with water. The Van Turno cat is known as the cat that swims precisely because it likes water. However, except for this breed, most cats like to touch the water and splash but not bathe.

why cats don't like water
why cats don’t like water

Reasons that determine why cats don’t like water

Reasons for conduct

Cats are generally less tolerant of change and new experiences than, for example, dogs. A cat that has never been exposed to water probably doesn’t like the feeling of having its body wet or drenched. However, if a cat has been exposed to water and bathing since birth, it will not be difficult for him to submerge himself under a stream. If they are educated with a bathroom routine from an early age, there will be no problem .

Cats don’t like water because feel trappedso

This may be another reason why cats don’t like water. They are controlling animals and love to feel in control of what is around them. And, in addition, they are curious but very cautious animals. When they are under something that they do not control, they feel trapped and do not react well. That is why it is advisable to introduce the water little by little. Turn on the stream and let them hang around you. This can be a good start.

Cats don’t like water because of biological reasons

If you want to know why cats do not like water, you have to go back to its origins. Scientists maintain that cats’ aversion to water stems from their origins. They had limited experience with water and adaptation and evolution were not required to deal with it.They never learned to swim because there was no evolutionary need to do so.

This behavior has remained in the genes of cats until today. However, some wild cats, especially those that live in hot, arid areas, swim and bathe regularly to keep cool. The Asian fishing cat is an adept swimmer, with partially webbed feet, diving to catch its prey.

Tips for bathing a cat

Most veterinarians do not recommend bathing felines. A bath can dry out their skin and remove essential pheromones for communication with other cats. But, in addition, a cat is clean by nature. His saliva is natural detergent style to reduce grease and his rough tongue cleans away dirt.This is why a bath is rarely necessary for cats .

If your cat has to take a bath for medical reasons or if it turns out to be extremely dirty, you have to try to make the bath something relaxed because cats feel trapped under water. Fill the bathtub, it is better than a shower since the noise of the water and the splashes do not like anything. Do not put the cat directly in the bathtub. It is best to pour the water little by little and let him bathe in his way. And don’t forget to be very careful with your face and eyes.

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