All cats love boxes |5 reasons why do cats love boxes? 

All cats love boxes for there living. Cats are strange animals and love to be in small, narrow boxes rather than large open spaces. Interestingly, not only cats, but also big cats such as tigers and leopards, like cats, try to get inside and play when you put cardboard boxes in them. Why do cats love boxes so much?

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cats love boxes
cats love boxes

Why do all cats love boxes? 

The appearance of a cat in a cardboard box is very cute. We often see cats in cramped boxes and baskets, but cats seem to have a special attachment to cardboard boxes. This time, I will introduce why all cats love boxes and cardboard houses.

All cats love boxes because entering it they reduce stress

In one cat shelter study, newly sheltered cats with hiding boxes in their cages had greater reductions in stress-indicating behaviors and shorter duration than cats without the boxes. It has been reported that it was possible to get used to the new environment in the period.When a cat enters a new environment, it first secures a safe place and gradually expands its territory.

If you have a box as a base, you will calm down mentally faster. Also, in an environment where there are many cats, the box is soundproof, and it is thought that it can reduce stress because the smell does not enter the other cats.

We also fill up seats on the train from the edge. When there are people (cats) I don’t know around, I feel very uncomfortable. Cats are more timid and sensitive than humans, so they want to be calm in a box.

All cats love boxes because they need higher temperature than human

kitten playing in a gift boxCats are covered with gorgeous fur, but the comfortable temperature for cats may be higher than for humans.The temperature range in which animals do not have to force themselves to adjust their temperature is called the “thermal neutral range.” When the temperature is higher than this, people sweat to cool the body, and conversely, when the temperature is lower, the body shakes and produces heat to regulate body temperature. So this number gives you an approximate temperature at which the animal will be comfortable.

The thermal neutral range for cats is said to be 30 to 38 degrees, which is much higher than the average room temperature in a home. By the way, the thermally neutral range of a naked person is 27 to 32 degrees, so it is a little lower when wearing clothes, and the room temperature is often set around 24 degrees.

Therefore, cats may feel a little chilly on a daily basis. With that in mind, it can be explained that boxes made of corrugated cardboard with high heat retention are particularly preferred.

Remnants of the Wild Age

However, looking at my cat playing in the box doesn’t make me look particularly nervous or cold. Do boxes have other charms that attract cats?

Cats are naturally good at catching mice that go in and out of narrow holes. A small box may remind you of a rat’s lair.Cat hunting is also an ambush type. It probably hides in a box and waits for prey to emerge from there. My beloved cat also hides in the box and jumps at my ankle as it passes in front of the box. As cute as they look, cats still have a sense of the wild.Also, even if it is a size that seems cramped for us, it is just right for cats.

Cats are slender except for their fur, and their joints are flexible, so they can fit in boxes smaller than themselves. It seems that cats are happy to put it in the last minute.It seems that the box has various uses for cats. It can be a wall for privacy, a warm and quiet place to sleep, a toy or a hideout. Please prepare a box of the perfect size for your beloved cat.

All cats love boxes because curiosity

Cats are very curious, so they will be interested in new things brought from outside the house. It seems that the smell of the contents also reacts to the cardboard boxes that are often delivered from the outside.

All cats love boxes because of just the right size

 Cats like to be able to change direction in the box and have a perfect size when sleeping. It is said that cats like cardboard because there are many things that match the size of cardboard.

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