Why do mood of cat changes | Most important 5 factors

Its common that mood of cat changes with different conditions. Cats are synonymous with moody people, but from a cat’s point of view, humans who care about the reactions of their surroundings may seem strange. Cats have historically spent most of their time alone.

Wild cats still rarely come into contact with other cats except when mating. For this reason, some older veterinary textbooks sometimes state that cats do not feel lonely. For a long time, the cat has survived on its own without relying on anyone, so even now, the cat still lives at its own pace. There is no shortage of episodes where cats are said to be moody, such as not thanking you when you give them food, refusing to hold them, refusing to leave the sofa, or suddenly getting angry when you pet them.

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mood of cat changes
mood of cat changes

Why do mood of cat changes so often?

Lets understand important 5 factors to know why mood of cat changes.

Socially thanks to changes in the environment

On the other hand, cats have changed recently, and cooperative cats have also appeared. You can often meet a dog-like cat who adores its owner and doesn’t mind being held. Mood of cat changes personality seem to be related to changes in the living environment.Originally, cats were bought by the talent of catching mice and began to live in the living area of ​​​​humans.

Under such circumstances, a friendly cat that does not run away from people came out. However, even though they have come to live in the human habitation area, it is only in the last 50 years that they have actually been raised indoors and lived together as a family. It can be said that the current cat is gradually becoming a pet-like character while retaining its wild side.

Are cats semi-domesticated animals?

One researcher describes modern cats as “semi-domesticated.” Domestication is a non-animal welfare term, but it’s an academic term. In biological terms, domestication is the way people get involved at the genetic level so that they can live together and bring benefits to their lives.

If you translate this directly in Japanese, it becomes domestication (in the case of pets, it is also called petting). Not as accustomed to people as dogs or cows, but less fearful than wild animals such as cheetahs, cats are right in the middle. Cats that are scared and intimidating in front of veterinary hospitals or strangers are probably still wild type.

On the other hand, there are also pet-like cats who rub their heads against each other even when they meet for the first time.There are times when he gets angry and times when he doesn’t get angry because he is between the wild and pets, and there are times when he wants to be alone and times when he wants to be spoiled by his owner. Is not it.

Mood of cat changes with time

Cute cat with tasty dessert and cup of coffee on table in cafe, view from outside.Have you ever heard that seeing the sun first thing in the morning helps you wake up better? We humans also adjust hormones (melatonin) depending on the condition of the light, making us feel relaxed or active.

This is a function for animals to maintain a regular biorhythm, and cats also have it.Humans are diurnal animals, meaning they are active during the day. Cats, on the other hand, are “crepusy” and are adjusted to be most active at dawn and dusk. ISince the activity time is divided into two, there will be a break between them. However, it is said that cats who have lived with humans for a long time gradually come to resemble human life rhythms. With time mood of cat changes is natural phenomenon.

Mood of cat changes with the seasons

Changes in daylight hours affect sex hormones and signal the arrival of breeding season. Even spayed and neutered cats may react to outside odors and become active or anxious because it is the time when feral cat pheromones are released.

Mood of cat changes with the weather

It observe the mood of cat changes with wheather. Many people hate rainy days. Just like humans, cats don’t like rain. On rainy days, other animals are also quiet, so the hunting success rate is low, so I feel that they sleep a lot. However, when it rains, we spend more time at home, so we can observe the cats even more during the day, so we may feel that way.

Conversely, it seems that activity drops considerably on days that are too hot. Today, it is believed that cats around the world are ancestral to Libyan cats that lived in the desert, so they are resistant to heat.

Especially during the daytime in the middle of summer, they are much less active, and even stray cats can often be seen stretching out in the shade to dissipate heat. The most comfortable temperature for cats is around 20°C, almost the same as humans.

It seems that the main reason why mood of cat changes is that he has been living alone so far and that his personality has changed. Cats and humans have walked different histories than humans. I think it is difficult to fully understand each other, but we can come to terms with each other. I think that people who have lived with cats for many years are better at reading the mood of cats than ordinary people, just as cats who have lived with people for many years get used to the rhythm of human life.

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